Weekend marvels

Weekend marvels

Watch: I was too young to understand Twin Peaks when it first aired, and while listening to the soundtrack obsessively as a teen, I’m only seeing the show now, for the first time. It’s a pity there’s only two seasons.

Listen: There are so many great musicians in Scandinavia! Listen up.

Wear: I love the new jewelry line from Front Row Shop – it’s geometrical perfection.

DIY: A Christmas tree mobile would be awesome! Found on Curbly.


7 thoughts on “Weekend marvels

  1. Twin Peaks is such a classic! I only re-watched the series recently as well (well, 2 years ago, but still). What really strikes me is how stylish and trendy everyone looks! Navajo prints, plaid, oxfords and saddle shoes…even the hair sometimes!

  2. I try to watch Twin Peaks once a year ;) But I have still never made it to the end of Season 2. There’s a distinct moment when it gets really weird, even for David Lynch. The characters seem to forget what the show is about! I think it’s time to try again though. One day I will finish. You should also watch “Firewalk With Me” but it has spoilers, so only watch it after you know who killed Laura Palmer!


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