My outfit: post office print, gray sweater & beanie

Postmark Print Skirt | Kittenhood
Sweater – c/o Sheinside | Skirt – c/o Front Row Shop | Shirt – Sheinside | Beanie – Camaieu | Shoes – BBup

I’m sure many of you love getting mail. I know I do – I feel like I have a relationship with the mailman and all the people at the post office. So picking this postmark print skirt from Front Row Shop felt like a pretty obvious choice! It may be more proper for spring and summer, but I like to wear clothes all year round, so I paired it with ankle boots and a sweater to make it winter friendly. Speaking of which, I’ve been wearing this Sheinside sweater pretty much non stop lately (I even got a “are you going to wear this again?” from the bf). Gray is the perfect neutral, but the pattern makes it special. So yeah, new favorite sweater.

Front Row Shop Skirt | Kittenhood Sheinside Sweater | Kittenhood Gray Sweater Printed Skirt | Kittenhood Blue Pompom Beanie | Kittenhood Blue & Gray Outfit | Kittenhood


15 thoughts on “My outfit: post office print, gray sweater & beanie

  1. that skirt is really pretty! we can start a ”special post office love” club or sth. most stamps in france are just printed tags, soooo boring. it’s such a joy to see a real postmark!

  2. am vazut o poza cu puloverul pe instagramul tau, asteptam si outfitul si nu m-a dezamgati, foarte dragut, te prinde tare bine caciulita!

  3. I love getting mail and I collect stamps so I’ve been in love with that skirt (and the dress version!) for a very long time now! it’s so funny we’ve got similar taste (get’s even funnier because I want that sweater as well for a while now! haha)
    amazing outfit, Daria!

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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