Giveaway: win a $50 gift card to Mona

Mona Dress | Kittenhood

You might remember Mona as one of the regularly featured shops on this blog. The lovely Tel-Aviv based label makes a lot of pretty dresses (like the one I’m wearing above), skirts and blouses, and their lookbooks are always a delight to look at. Because Christmas is quickly approaching, I’ve teamed up with Moriah, the designer behind Mona, to offer you a $50 gift card in her shop! You could use it to get this splendid pinafore (my fave) or any other piece from the Etsy shop.

Mona $50 Giveaway | Kittenhood

How to enter: click here. Good luck!

If you’re too excited to wait until the giveaway winner is announced, you can still get a good deal: use the code KITTENHOOD30 for 30% off on all Mona purchases over $70.

International Fashion Giveaway | Kittenhood

The giveaway is open internationally and will end on 12/17.


5 thoughts on “Giveaway: win a $50 gift card to Mona

  1. oh my, is it too much if I say this is the coolest giveaway I’ve seen in a very long time? We have such similar taste (I love the shops you feature on your blog, Daria!) so, of course you also had to love Mona! haha
    I am entering this, fingers crossed!

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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