DIY Gingerbread Ornaments

DIY Gingerbread Ornaments | Kittenhood

Delicious gingerbread looks nice hung in the Christmas tree. So does felt gingerbread. Eat the baked one, and hang the felt kind. It makes more sense this way. Read on for the how-to:

Felt Gingerbread Men | Kittenhood

What you need:

  • brown felt
  • paper & pencil
  • scissors
  • brown thread and thin needle
  • white thread and thick needle
  • white beads

Felt gingerbread ornaments | Kittenhood Gingerbread in the making | Kittenhood How to make a gingerbread man | Kittehood Gingerbread man | Kittenhood Felt Gingerbread | Kittenhood

Start by tracing the shape of a gingerbread man to a piece of paper. You can copy one from the computer screen, or draw freehand. Cut it and use as a stencil.

Using the paper stencil, cut two identical gingerbread shapes out of felt. On one of them, stitch white beads as buttons. Then use the white thread to stitch eyes and a smile, and more decorations as you please (I made cuffs). Glue or stitch a loop of white thread at the head, on the wrong side of the fabric, to be used for hanging.

Finally, stitch the two sides together with brown thread, using a blanket stitch. If you hate sewing, you can also glue the two sides together, just make sure it’s stable.

DIY Christmas Ornaments | Kittenhood Gingerbread man ornament | Kittenhood


5 thoughts on “DIY Gingerbread Ornaments

  1. Oooh keyoot!
    It would be awesome if they smelled like gingerbread too! that possible?? Like..ginger tea bags or something?!


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