Shop handmade: critters

Shop Handmade: Critters | Kittenhood

1. Kindhearted brooch by Adatine. First of all, that fur is adorable. Secondly, this critter has a very kind heart, so you cannot refuse.

2. Hedgehog forest friend by Kitty April Handmade. Just the size of your palm, the hedgehog is fuzzy and he wants to play. I guess.

3. Fox totem by Le Animale. If you’re like me, you can’t resist the face of a cute fox. Nor its body.

4. Deer girl pattern by Noia Land. You can download the pattern for cheap, and make the deer girl in your favorite colors.

5. Fox bandits by Adatine. Who’s afraid of a gang of foxes? These guys conceal their identities with masks and are famous for stealing fish.

6. Megafauna bear by Mount Royal Mint. Give them to kids. Put them in your room. The choice is yours.

Happy Halloween!


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