DIY sparkly sweater

DIY sparkly sweater

There are plenty of sequin sweaters to buy – but I think updating an old one is worth the trouble. Since I already had everything I needed around, why bother buying a new one? The only downside is that all this DIY-ing left me with almost no plain clothes in my wardrobe. And I was already a print addict…

Sequin embellished sweater

What you need:

  • sweater you want to alter
  • sequins
  • (gold) thread & needle
  • small coin
  • pencil or chalk

Make circles with coin

Stitch gold circles

Set your sweater on a table and use the coin as a stencil to make a few circles. Do a running stitch all around, until you get a circle. You can leave it like this, or fill it with more stitches, if you like. I ended up with one full dot and two circles, especially because filling with stitches takes some time.

Stitch sequins

Sequin sweater

Next, stitch your sequins in a random fashion, for a confetti-like look. Rinse gently before wearing, so the pencil lines go out.

Sequin sweater DIY

Girl cat gif

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