DIY no sew braided headband

DIY braided headband

To me, short hair means less fuss: I just let it air dry and use my fingertips to style it slightly. However, once in a while I may feel the need for something special, and the only solution I could find was a headband. It works, because it doesn’t need long hair to hang on to, like some pins do, and it can get pretty festive if you want it to. And so, I made one, in about 5 minutes.

Make a braided headband

What you need:

  • braided band (or braid your own)
  • ribbon ends (crimps)
  • string
  • scissors

Braided headband DIY

How to make a headband

Knotted headband

Braided headband

No sew headband

The steps are few and easy. I used store-brought braided band in gold, and got the ribbon ends to match it in color and size. After trying it on, I cut the braided band in just the right size, and finished it with ribbon ends. Then, I passed a piece of string through each hole, and tied it with a knot. You can let the string ends loose if you like, but I decided to knot from place to place. That’s that!


P.S. I’m going away for a few weeks (more about that soon) and I’m looking for bloggers to help out by guest posting, specifically DIYs, recipes or fashion related posts. If you’re interested, please email kittenhood.dar [at] gmail [dot] com.


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