DIY Watermelon shoes

DIY watermelon shoes

Watermelon is not yet in full season here – we’ve got a few weeks to go – and I’m obviously craving it. When I saw these cheap but cute canvas loafers in a local store, I knew what their new look was gonna be.

How to make watermelon shoes

What you need:

  • light colored shoes
  • textile paint in red, green, black
  • paintbrushes
  • tape
  • newspapers


Custom canvas loafers

First thing, fill the shoes with crinkled newspaper. This will keep the canvas straight (mine had an elastic, so this was a must). Then, mask the sole and the back of the shoe. Paint the red part of each one.

Green red loafers

Paint watermelon shoes

DIY Watermelon Shoes

When the first color is dry, mask it and paint with your second color: green. When that it done, you can make the watermelon seeds with a thin paintbrush and black paint. Let them dry completely before removing the tape from the sole. If paint bled onto the sole, remove it carefully with an ear stick soaked in water. That’s it!

Watermelon shoes


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  1. Tenisii i ai luat de la un magazin no name ? :D ma gandeam ca daca transpiri e posibil sa iasa din vopsea, dar vad ca nu a trecut pe partea cealalta ceea ce ii face si mai faini!


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