Outfit: gold glitter shoes & red dress


Dress – Blanco | Shirt – Vila | Shoes (Noel Gold)- c/o Bait Footwear | Tights – H&M | Hair pins – DIY

If you had told me a few years back that I’d be into glitter shoes, I would’ve laughed in your face. So it’s a good thing you didn’t. Still, you would be able to “I told you so” me now. These sweet, sweet glitter loafers from BAIT (But Another Innocent Tale) arrived in the mail yesterday, making me wish spring came sooner. They’re absolutely precious in gold, while the low heel is quite comfortable! And what better place to take them for a spin than the zoological museum? It was also the best place for outfit pictures, since the weather outside is rainy and cool. Between all the birds, rodents and reptiles, the shoes sparkled and made me feel like some sort of fauna princess. I can’t wait to wear them in 238762382 other ways.





natural history museum





39 thoughts on “Outfit: gold glitter shoes & red dress

  1. Those shoes are fantastic! After deciding that I hated ballet flats I’ve gone back to decided that I love the new slipper shoes. So far I loved the velvet sort but these glitter ones blow all other shoes out of the water.

    Also your photos are super cute, I love the roaring at the lion. Also also your dress is really lovely, I like the scalloped sides.

  2. Cool photography location, sweet and charming lady, talented photographer and if you count in the glittery shoes, well it’s perfection!
    I too surprised myself with liking and wearing glittery shoes, so I hear ya!

    Oh, and i just the first photo – so awesome!

  3. First of all, WOW, second of all Sweet jesus!

    I don’t even know where to begin… The setting for the photos, is amazing. I’m really drawn to that kind of place. I Just find them so interesting in photos! Maybe it’s the colors, or the story’s that the space holds.

    Your shoes… I swear, I’ve been dreaming about them for a while and they look so lovely on you!
    I can’t seem to take my eyes from the 7th picture. It’s so beautiful!

    My favorite post this week. Made me smile, so thank you ^^


  4. oh I love this post so much so much! I wanted to take blog photos in the little local life museum in utah when we were visiting for christmas but it was closed for renovation! I was SO bummed. these are making me wish even more it could have happened. this museum looks beautiful, and I love all the glass cases. this seriously looks like an editorial or photo story. LOVE IT!

  5. also just out of curiosity, what lens did you use? was it a 50mm 1.4 or similar? the only one I have with a good depth of field is an 85mm, which is SO impossible indoors. I’m thinking I need a more normal one.

  6. I could have sworn the first pic was a movie still !! The museum offers such a perfect backdrop for an eerie photoshoot. Creepy & beautiful at the same time, I love it!

    And I like the fact that the glitter loafers have a bit of a heel. They look great.


    1. thank you! it was right before closing time, hence the lack of people – I would’ve been awkward otherwise :) also, it’s not the most popular museum, so it’s usually not crowded anyway…

  7. Beautiful outfit! And beautiful picture! It seems like the lion is more afraid of you than the other way around! :) This reminds me of the “Creativity takes courage” bags I saw in your last post :) XO

  8. I found your blog through a picture on pinterest and I love it! I love this outfit and your photo location!! I used to work at a wildlife museum with stuffed animals just like this!


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