DIY cat jersey

You know all those cat sweaters and jerseys that almost every brand sells? In my opinion, they’re either overpriced or not that pretty, so a DIY was the one clear and simple option for me. And when I say “simple”, I mean it: you don’t need much and it will be done in half an hour – just stitch patiently! Here’s how:

What you need:

  • a jersey that you want to customize
  • thick thread and needle
  • scissors
  • tailor’s chalk

First, use the chalk to draw the cat pattern: eyes, nose, whiskers. I decided to make it even easier and avoid pupils and such, so I drew the cat with the eyes closed – a simple curved line. Then backstitch the entire pattern and you’ve got yourself a cat jersey!


23 thoughts on “DIY cat jersey

  1. I think I say this every DIY post, but could they get any better then this? So cute (not to mention the gingham shirt and brooch you paired it with). Love this cat shirt.

  2. great idea! I would love to do this but the upper body is not exactly the part I want to draw attention to. I think the pattern will be great on a tote too :)

  3. my daughter is obsessed with The Warrior Cats books and anything CAT at the moment. I’m so excited to make this for her as a Christmas gift this year. Thank you for the lovely idea.


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