When you can’t see the forest from the trees

When the internet is down, it sort of feels like the electricity, the water and the heat are off. When you work on the internet, intern on the internet and blog daily, it’s impossible to have a day pass without being online. So here I am, ‘live blogging’ from a cafe on my street, with a nice Caramello tea with milk, which I haven’t had in ages. It’s so cold outside, that it’s a miracle I went out just for this – but that’s what you get when you’re such good readers. Actually, I did have some other things to do online, but ssst!

So here is what I wore today, when the internet got disconnected, leaving the house empty and sad :)

Dress: Blanco
 Shirt: Schimb de haine
 Booties: BB-up
 Hair pin: Meli melo
 Bonus: A family of stray cats.


12 thoughts on “When you can’t see the forest from the trees

  1. And again I saw you in the blogs surfing the cat tags, but this time I wasn’t that surprised, I knew you and cats can often go together :)

    Looking at your outfit it’s hard to say it’s cold over there. Do you have snow in winters? I’m so excited to see what kind of beautiful things you will be wearing when it gets even colder.

    The thing I love the most in the picture with cats is the rag! I love it because those cats can sit on the rag and be warm, lovely!

    1. oh, It does snow, only this autumn there wasn’t even one drop of rain. I assure you it’s cold, my coat was nearby :)
      as for the cats, there were two more at a distance – so cute!

  2. Oh, how I love your outfit! It’s so great and it makes it seems as it is kinda warm outside. :)
    I can relate to the Internet addiction..thank God we also have coffee&tea!

  3. I feel the same way when my internet goes out, which is frequent because it seems like it goes out every time the wind blows! I feel like I have no idea what’s going on in the world, even though I could call someone or turn on the t.v.! I’m a total webhead! p.s. Great outfit! I love the jumper!


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