Hello, March – Giveaway

I recently decided that the March holidays are my faves: Martisor on March 1, Mother’s Day on March 8 and my very own secret name’s day on March 19. I’m just a bit sad that there’s still plenty of snow left right now, that it’s still cold and annoying.

I bet you, too, are longing for warm weather, hyacinths and butterflies, light trench coats, ballet flats and bike rides, birds chirping, green grass and coffee outside. And because I want to make at least one of you smile, I decided to make a nice spring giveaway.

Here is what you have to do to enter:

  • Make this giveaway public – meaning, tell people about it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or wherever you like.
  • Comment on this post – and let me know where you publicized the giveaway.

The giveaway lasts from March 1 to March 8, when I will pick a winner using random.org. This winner will get a chance to chose her/his/more likely her prize from my shop. Any product available in the shop at that time is eligible. This giveaway is open to international readers, under the embarrassing condition that, if they win, they chose a prize that fits in an envelope :) (I’m still working on my international shipping methods, please to excuse me).

Quick reminder: you can find me at Carturesti today from 2 till 9, we’re having a cute fair, with brownies and biscuits, books and albums, jewellery and accessories – in one word: goodies.

Edit: Only one entry per person please!


49 thoughts on “Hello, March – Giveaway

  1. Yellow!!! si eu si particip!!! giveawayul este pe FB (nu de alata dar nu am twiter si nici nu imi fac..muahahha)).sper sa castig si sa ne vedem la un teatru!! kiss kiss

  2. Hello,

    I’m publishing it on my twitter and facebook account (both usernames are angiekje) then I’ll mention it on my blog…



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